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LG 18650 2600mah 35A Flat Top Battery

  • £6.99

Authentic LG 18650 2600mAh Flat Top Battery is an excellent performance that comes with a high ampage power. Recommended to use with high performance mods, box mods, and other vaporizers devices in the market.

attery is 100% authentic and genuine.

LBattery Features:

Capacity: 2600mAh
Nominal voltage: 3.6V
Cut off voltage: 2.5V
Continuous maximum charge current: 4A
Continuous maximum discharge current: 20A
Maximum discharge current: 35A
Top: Flat Top


To ensure your safety and maintain the battery’s life and durability, we recommend you follow these rules:

Do not over-discharge or overcharge the battery. Doing so will shorten the battery’s life and sometimes, it can make it pop or leak.
Please do not short circuit or it will release massive current.
Do not play with fire! Do not dispose any kind of battery in or near any fire.
Do not stack more than one battery as it may potentially blowout and cause serious damage to yourself and place. Notes: We do not recommend stacking more than one battery in your device because it may potentially blowout and cause serious harm.

Photo is for demonstration purposes only what you receive can differ from photo on our Website.

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