Front Line E-Liquid

Front line liquid has been produced to deliver the need for an ultra premium max VG eliquid that concentrates its efforts on high standards of manufacturing, marketing and branding to deliver the ultimate vaping experience. With only 3 flavours in our range we can ensure that quality control is never an issue and we can continue to supply you with the highest quality vaping eliquid.

We also appreciate all of the work our members of the military do, risking their lives and fighting for their country, so frontline have pledged to donate as regularly as we can to many different army and military charities that help provide support, mentoring, counselling and rehabilitation for our troops.

How It Works

Within our individually packaged Front Line tins is a 30ml bottle filled with 20ml of 0mg concentrated eliquid. Along side your 30ml bottle you will also find a 10ml 'nicotine shot'. TPD regulations stipulate that we can no longer manufacture a product containing nicotine in a bottle greater than 10ml, but you as the consumer can add this 'nicotine shot' into your 30ml bottle. We have made all of the calculations so when you combine the nicotine shot with your 0mg concentrated eliquid you still end up with the fully mixed and concentrated eliquid at your desired nicotine strength of either 3mg or 6mg.