3 Pack Ample Firefox Tank Coils Heads

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By carefully adjusting the airflow on your Firefox tank, these Ample Firefox Coils (0.3 Ohm) will deliver either a direct-lung (DL) or mouth-to-lung (MTL) vape. For increased flavour, ample have designed the Firefox tank with special internal pipework. Top airflow is channelled down through the coil body to the base of the dual coil cores.

To accommodate the airflow pipes, Ample’s 0.3 Ohm Firefox coils have an enormous barrel. As well as providing extra room for the pipes, the big barrel also creates space for extra wicking cotton around each of the dual cores. Supported by extra-large wicking holes, the extra organic cotton allows this coil to be fired between 25 and 75 Watts. Firefox coils are easy to replace, just remember to line up the Firefox tank’s airflow tubes with the two holes in the coil body.

3 x Replacement Ample Firefox Coils (0.3 Ohms)

Ample Firefox Coil Features:
0.3 Ohm Firefox vertical coil with dual coil cores
Only compatible with Ample’s Firefox tank
Easy to replace – line-up with the tank’s 2 airflow tubes
Adjust tank airflow for either a DL or MTL draw
Features extra-large wicking ports
Delivers excellent flavour
Economic e juice consumption
100% Authentic Ample coil

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