A safety guide to mechanical mods

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A safety guide to mechanical mods

A mechanical mod is a form of a vaping but as some say it is one of the rawest forms of vaping possible due to its unregulated output. Unregulated mods are advertised to those of experience and courage. Users who use or wish to use a mechanical mod are encouraged to have extensive knowledge of battery safety, battery output, Ohms law and vaping in general.

A lot of experienced vapours will tell you that a mechanical mod is an experience like no other. Thought the act of pushing a button you can complete a circuit that is then able to run power through the 18650 battery’s thought the unregulated mod and straight into your RDA. With some of the brief information, we would like to explain to all who are reading some safety points and laws to give you the best experience of using an unregulated mod

How low can you go?

How low should you let your RDA resistance go? Yes, you can build below 0.2 Ohms and put it into an RDA, and it will fire on an unregulated mod. But the lower the resistance, the more likely you are to run the risk of a flow of power that can cause a battery to vent or in some cases cause a thermal runaway. To avoid the likelihood of having to come across these risks build coils at 0.2 ohms or above.

The Right Tools for The Job

Firstly, an Ohms reader or Ohmmeter is an essential piece of kit that anyone who is looking at starting to build their own coils needs in their vaping box this is also especially important for those looking to move to unregulated mods. This device allows you to be able to check the resistance of a coil if coils are correctly fitted and also made to check if there are any short circuits. If you were not to use an Ohms reader or Ohmmeter and fire an RDA on any mechanical/unregulated mod the results could be deadly. Again the same is also possible if you do not have a coil building kit to allow you to build safe coils with the right equipment such as coil jigs, ceramic tweezers and correct vaping plyers. By having a coil building kit, it also increases safety. If you are looking at purchasing the correct tools, the choirmaster V3 contains all tools and a working Ohmmeter.

The coils, battery’s and the relationship

We have talked above about the resistance of a coil with too low resistance with the danger of building with it. This all has an impact which is down to the relationship between the battery and coil being used. A general rule of thumb is that the higher the Ohm rating of a coil the fewer amps are required from the battery. This is when ohms law comes into place, and ohms law is used to see if the correct amount of energy you are discharging from your batteries are safe.

I = V / R’ is the correct equation that should be used and which we will be describing to all readers. I= current or amps, v= voltage and R=resistance. Below we will show you some examples



All points that we have talked about above are a good starting point for understanding the world of unregulated mods (mechanical mods). We advise all looking to purchase an unregulated mod to do comprehensive research into the correct method for the mod you are buying. When buying a duel battery unregulated mod, this is a lot more complex and has a different set of rules to follow. If you are looking at duel battery unregulated mods, we recommended you read the many differences between series and parallel circuits we also want to give this advice to all our customers and fellow readers that if something doesn’t feel safe to do, then its more than likely not safe. So please don’t do anything you are not experienced enough or confident enough to do. If you do not have the correct equipment such as correct tools and everything mentioned above, you are setting yourself up for a disaster.

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