What is Drip Vaping

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Drip Vaping

Dripping has become a much larger segment of the vape community than it was in years past. Evidence of that can be seen everywhere but most apparent is the huge number of new, advanced, dripping atomizers, Japanese organic cotton wicking is all the rage, and better and more varied wire for wrapping coils.

So what exactly is dripping (or drip vaping)?

Simply put, dripping is a technique of ejuice delivery where you drip the juice directly on your atomizer.

This is done instead of using a cartridge or tank which comes with the e-cig. There are several reasons why this technique is considered superior by some, to using a cartridge and filler.

For both, smokers and vapers the two methods of breathing in smoke or vapour is the either two-step process of breathing in vapour or smoke to fill your mouth and then another inhalation to take the smoke or vapour into the lungs. Most people smoke or vape using this method. The other method, the ‘lung hit’, bypasses the first step. The "lung hit" method is usually the one used when drip vaping.

Whether you usually use a two-piece cartridge-and-battery e-cigarette, or a more sophisticated Ego / tank / personal vaporizer (PV), they are both “closed” systems and work in pretty much the same way. A reservoir of eliquid is heated by the coils inside an atomizer, producing the vapour you then inhale. Two-piece units have both the e-liquid and the atomizer inside the cartridge; with more advanced systems, the atomizer and the tank for the juice are separate components. Once you’ve screwed a cartridge onto a battery, or filled the tank and connected it to the atomizer, you vape until the liquid is used up.

Ecigs and PVs have come a long way in the last few years, and with some trial and error you can find products on the market which produce tasty vapour that’s fairly satisfying. Even so, there are several “built-in” reasons why it isn’t as good as it could be.

A closed system means that the vapour has to travel all the way through the device before it’s inhaled – and some of the vapour’s strength and taste dissipates during the trip.
You sometimes get a “burnt” taste when vaping the normal way. It’s just part of the deal with simple e-cigs, when the e liquid is just about gone and some of the packing material is burning – that’s how you know when it’s time for another coil. But it can also occur with vaporizers, if a wick gets too close to the heating element or your voltage settings aren’t right.
You may be in the mood for a different flavour of liquid, but you’ve just filled the tank and are going to have to wait a long time before it’s empty.
Why would you drip?

Dripping tends to produce denser vapour clouds with cleaner and bolder flavours. It can also intensify the throat hit. Dripping is especially nice if you want to vape a variety of different flavours in one sitting without having to switch the tanks. Obviously there are times where using a cartomizer are better, for example while driving. (e.g. while driving). For some people the act of re-dripping into the atty every 7 puffs or so, is just a pain in the neck so they stick with tanks, but for the intense flavour and vapour clouds many find it worth the act of dripping.

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