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Another day, another scare story does the rounds. Battery safety, do you speak it?

Yet again, the media is picking up on a story concerning an 'exploding e-cig', without actually digging into the truth of the matter. And yet again, the issue stems not from the device in question, but from a loose battery being stored in an unsafe manner.

So, it falls to us to point out once more the importance of battery safety.

The lithium-ion cells used in e-cigarette batteries are known for having a 'safe chemistry'. That's not to say, however, that they are immune to the same risks affecting similar batteries used in laptops, camera, and smartphones. For peace of mind, vapers should ALWAYS follow these steps.

Always charge your battery in or on a fireproof surface.
Ensure you always use the correct charger which is specified for your device. Using the wrong charger, or a charger supplied by a third-party, may risk causing damage to the battery.
Keep all batteries out of the reach of children and pets at all times.
Immediately remove your atomiser and disconnect the battery if your device begins activating by itself.
Never store loose batteries in a pocket or bag, particularly when dealing with IMR cells. Always store such batteries in a suitable protective case where they cannot come into contact with other metal objects which may cause the cell to short.
Never leave charging batteries unattended. If in the extremely unlikely event that something does go wrong, you will want to be nearby.
Never continue to use a device if you feel the battery become hot. If your battery becomes hot to the touch, or if it begins to smell, CEASE USING IT IMMEDIATELY. Let it cool down (for at least an hour) in a safe environment, preferably outside on a fire-proof surface. When it has cooled completely, dispose of it correctly, or make arrangements to return the unit if it is still under warranty.

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