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Hello Guys again just another update 

This year our industry has undergone some of the most radical changes in years with the all new implications of the EU Tobacco Products Directive what do these changes mean for you ?

Much of what you fellow vapours know will remain mostly the same at least from the point of view of the consumer....You may notice some of the impact of the new laws for many of you current vapers not a lot will change. 

To help give you a clearer idea we have made some fact sheets which are listed below. 

  • Checks will be made to ensure the notification is complete and that the information provided demonstrates that the product meets the standards set out in the Tobacco and Related Products Regulations 2016. These include:
  • These checks include:
  • Child resistant / tamper evident packaging for liquids and devices
  • Device must be protected against breakage, leakage and be capable of being refilled without leakage
  • Devices must deliver a consistent dose of nicotine under normal conditions
  • Tank & cartridge size must be no more than 2ml in volume and nicotine strengths to be no more than 20mg/ml

What is controlled under the terms of the TPD? 

TPD doesn't cover each and every E-ciggerete product on the current market many components and particular batteries do not come under the TPD  so this means nothing will change for the consumer the below products are what will be regulated under the Tobacco Directive.

  • Tanks (and coils)
  • Starter kits (which include a tank)
  • E-liquid
  • DIY base liquids (where they contain nicotine)

The Below products will not be regulated under the TPD Law 

  • Mods sold on their own, though those sold packaged with a tank will be subject to the regulations
  • 0mg (nicotine-free) e-liquid and DIY base liquid
  • E-cig batteries (IMR, eGo, cig-a-like, or otherwise)
  • Most e-cig accessories




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